Terms and conditions FANF - June 1st, 2009

A / Principe formulas:
Do the shopping with or without the client.
Deliver the food.
Cooking (in duet with the client for CHEF'S TIPS option)
Lay the table.
Service up to 6 guests.
Clean kitchen.

Access to the site (kitchen, cold room, local annexes dining room ...) should be free at least 6 hours before the beginning of the agreed service.
FANF uses for his performance client's appliances.

All crockery, cutlery, table linens and glassware.
Beverages, billed separately.

The premises shall not require cleaning prior to the commencement of the service.
Storage, according to food and safety, should be sufficent.

From 7 up to twelve guests, to ensure the quality of service provided a waiter will be required and invoiced at the rate agreed.
Thirteen guests and over, a second server is needed.

For the WEEK STAY option, any unsued ingredients remain the property of FANF.

Working with fresh products, FANF is subject to the availability of products and may be forced to change all or part of the menu prepared.
The customer will be informed as soon as possible of the change if deemed important.

Fanf is responsible and insured for breakage and damage committed by him during his performance. In the event of damage, a claim should be written before the departure of FANF.

B / Booking, deposit and cancellation.

1. The reservation induces a full acceptance of terms and conditions.
The reservation is effective as of the date of actual payment of deposit.
The number of guests is fixed at the time of reservation.

NB: In case of variation in the number of guests after the reservation, FANF will have to be advised to set terms of the change.

2. The amount of deposit is 30% of the option's agreed price.

3. Cancellation by the customer:
Cancellation more than 48 hours before the performance results in the withholding of the deposit and the option of postponing the event to a later date, subject to availability of FANF.
Cancellation less than 48 hours before the performance, result in the withholding of the deposit.

4. Cancellation by FANF:
FANF is able to cancel at any time his performance in case of force majeure or if insecurite for goods and people.
In case of cancellation by FANF customer will be fully refunded.

C / Rates and Payment.

1. The price of the performance is determinated on the quote.
FANF will be fully contracted when client signs the quote.
FANF is a sole proprietorship and not subject to VAT
(Section 293B of the french CGI).

2. Payment breaks down as follows:
A deposit is collected at booking time, the balancepaid before leaving the premises unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Delay in payment results in a penalty proportional to the rate of 3.5% per week, from first week.

Payment is either :
bank transfer euro area,
cheque, euro only,
cash, euro only.
Any payment in foreign currency will be increased by 2.5% and converted at the rate set by www.xe.com at the time of the transaction.

D / Area of activity and overtime:

1. 'Fanf integrate the cost of moving its services within the limits of municipalities along the Lake of Annecy. When moving out of area, the mileage allowance apply: 0.65euro/Km.
The distance of return trips will be calculated using the website www.googlemaps.com.

2. 'Fanf' may charge extra hours in case special conditions mentioned above are not satisfied.
Every hour is due.